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Military Families

Helping you find a community at Lilyfrog

Moves can be really stressful for families, especially families with young children. At Lilyfrog, we do everything we can to make the transition easier for both you and your child.

We create a positive, really welcoming space so that children feel valued, supported and at home right away. Families can relax knowing their child is in good hands and that Lilyfrog is ensuring a strong bridge for their child’s academic and social development.

Our commitment is also to families, supporting them as they get connected to their community, to other families, and the school.

At Lilyfrog, we have a long history of creating partnerships with military families. We understand the challenges of helping your child successfully transition. Many of our military families have come to us through a network of military families whose children have grown with Lilyfrog.

Military Discount

To show our appreciation for the service that military families provide for our country, we offer a 10% tuition discount that helps make Lilyfrog accessible for military children.

Stories from Lilyfrog Families...

"Being a Navy family, our children have been in childcare and preschools all over the country. Hands down, Lilyfrog has the friendliest and most fun environment! The teachers are extremely thoughtful and our children absolutely love going to school. Lilyfrog feels like a family and that warmth helped our children transition during this military move beautifully. We highly recommend Lilyfrog!"

- The Meehan Family 

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