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About Us

Laying a Foundation for Life

At Lilyfrog we provide a warm, wonder-filled atmosphere where your child's creativity and thinking skills are emphasized in safe, structured, and diverse ways.
Lilyfrog's goal is to stimulate children's innate sense of self-motivation, expand on their enthusiasm for learning, and help them acquire competence and high self-esteem.

We do this through a literacy-based curriculum, dynamic learning opportunities and a variety of artistic expressions.

A Hands-on Approach to Learning 

At Lilyfrog, children enjoy a hands-on approach to learning, while laying the foundation for reading, writing, language, science and math skills with everything they do. Our program incorporates an integrated curriculum, promoting learning as children enjoy music, art, dramatic play, dance, special projects, learning centers, computer activities, field trips, outdoor play and adventure.

Fostering Your Childs Development

Our caring and supportive staff oversees small-sized classes, allowing for individual attention and loving trust to develop between your child and their teachers. Founded in 1992, Lilyfrog is fully licensed by the RI Department of Children, Youth, and Families 

Our Leadership Team

Nicole Elliott, Director

Nicole has been a part of Lilyfrog since 2015. Her involvement began when she enrolled her son in the infant program and personally witnessed the impact it had on his growth and development. 

Majoring in psychology with a concentration in education, Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Assumption College. She has over 10 years of experience working with young children of various needs and developmental levels. 

“I believe that as early childhood educators we are responsible for providing all young children with positive learning experiences. We strive to make every learning opportunity a fun, playful, positive one for each and every child, thus helping the children grow and gain important skills, all while falling in love with learning. Nothing brightens our day more than seeing the smile on each and every child’s face that enters into our school.” 

Nicole is the mother of two young children, Evan and Amalia, who both attended Lilyfrog.

Stephanie Grant, Education Coordinator

Stephanie came to Lilyfrog in 2008. She is Certified in Early Childhood Education and graduated from RIC with a double major in Elementary Education and Psychology.  She has a passion for teaching preschool-aged children and has been a preschool teacher since 2001. 

“I am committed to teaching because I like to watch children progress. I especially like that moment of discovery when a child learns to do something new, when a huge smile of accomplishment appears on a child’s face. In that instant, we know that their enthusiasm for learning will grow.  At Lilyfrog, we continually foster a warm and welcoming zone of discovery for children.  Every day at Lilyfrog is a new experience of learning through play.”

Stephanie is the mother of two children Kaitlyn and Ryan, who both have attended Lilyfrog.

Our Faculty


Our faculty is excited about your child’s growth. We blend our expertise in innovative teaching, with a true passion for nurturing children. Each class is taught by qualified, caring professionals who are dedicated to fostering your child's natural curiosity and joy in learning. Our adjunct faculty teaches the specialized parts of our curriculum such as karate, yoga, art and creative movement.

We create our curriculum to facilitate your child’s exploration and discovery in each subject area. We offer diverse modalities so your child can learn in his or her own way. Learning happens through play and through engaging your child’s own excitement about a topic.

Our faculty prepares our curriculum, including all subject areas of the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards: physical health and motor development, social and emotional development, language development and communication, cognitive development, literacy, mathematics, science and creativity.

Our dedication is to each child as a whole person and to every family as well. When you walk in the door at Lilyfrog, you’ll discover that our staff is creative and nurturing, not only with students, but with entire families. It’s a natural part of life here at Lilyfrog, listening to and connecting with families, and sharing the joy and excitement that comes from watching children grow.

Stories from Lilyfrog families...

"I cannot say enough good things about Lilyfrog! Between my two children, we have experienced every program and classroom that LilyFrog offers. My son had previously attended a different daycare in the area, but he struggled with the lack of routine and I felt like the staff did not understand his needs. We switched to Lilyfrog and he began to thrive. My son has since graduated from Lilyfrog's Pre-K program. His little sister has been in the infant program since she was 13 months old and is now in the toddler program. My daughter is very clingy and cries during transitions, but the second she’s in her classroom she’s all smiles, engaged in activities with her friends and teachers. Whenever I pick my daughter up from Lilyfrog, my son’s teachers still ask about him and his progress in Kindergarten."
-Renee McCausland
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